Driving Success: ICSB’s 2023 Academy

Driving Success: ICSB’s 2023 Academy


The benefits of a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, immersive environment for entrepreneurship education are increasingly recognized and supported by academic research. Numerous academic papers from around the world have delved into this topic, featuring entrepreneurs from diverse regions such as the United States, India, China, the Netherlands, and more. This approach to entrepreneurship education not only strengthens the understanding of the topic but also potentially the outcomes of entrepreneurial pursuits. Participants from past research studies and ICSB Academy members have reported gaining a deeper understanding of what it takes to launch a successful venture, receiving valuable feedback, and accessing a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem through their participation. Through embracing this three-pronged model to entrepreneurship education ICSB’s 2023 Academy offers students several advantages.


This approach to entrepreneurship education fosters diverse perspectives by bringing together individuals from various cultural backgrounds. This diversity enhances creativity, encourages innovative thinking, and enables students to consider alternative solutions to entrepreneurial challenges. Additionally, the immersive environment cultivates cultural sensitivity and a global mindset. Students gain a greater understanding of different cultures, customs, and business practices, preparing them to navigate the complexities of international markets and form cross-cultural partnerships.


The immersive aspect of the program, including site visits and various challenges, further reinforce the benefits of this approach. Participants are exposed to real-world scenarios, enabling them to apply their knowledge and skills in practical settings. The final pitching competition provides a platform for participants to showcase their innovative ideas, gain valuable feedback, and potentially bring their visions to life. This experiential learning supports social impact and facilitates deep learning. The cohort-based approach, where participants are grouped together and assigned a coach, adds another layer of support and guidance. This structure promotes peer learning, encourages a sense of community, and allows for personalized mentorship throughout the program.


Participants of this year’s Academy benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of their peers and mentors, enhancing their entrepreneurial journey. The multi-disciplinary nature of the Academy promotes collaboration and increases knowledge transfer among participants. Working in teams comprising individuals with diverse skill sets and knowledge from different disciplines facilitates effective teamwork, communication, and cross-cultural understanding. This collaboration not only enhances the learning experience but also paves the way for potential future partnerships.


Through embracing this entrepreneurship education model this year’s ICSB Academy promises to be an exceptional opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to grow, learn, and forge lasting connections.



 Article written by Emmanuel Moges, Venture Fellow at FedTech


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