AI Punctuated Revolution

AI and the Punctuated Revolution: How Technology is Transforming Our World  Flashback to the 1950s: Elvis Presley had everyone “All Shook Up” with hits like “Heartbreak Hotel,” and Dean Martin serenaded many with “Memories Are Made of This.” It was a time of jukeboxes, rebellious teens, and…dinosaurs? Well, not literally, but let’s come back to that.  Between the hip-swinging and chart-topping, the decade saw unprecedented leaps in medicine with the first organ transplant and the polio


SME World Forum Focuses on Azerbaijan,  November 13-16, 2023. The 2023 SME World Forum will bring together some of the business world’s most inventive and passionate leaders from academia, policy, and the youth sector. The Republic of Azerbaijan’s Small and Medium Business Development Agency will spearhead the event as the principal host. This World Forum is scheduled from November 13 to November 16, 2023, in Baku, Azerbaijan. The 2023 SME World Forum will bring together


Addressing the “Perfect Storm”: A Human-Centered Approach to Academic Integrity and Transparency Recent continued events have shaken the academic community’s foundations, leading us to a decisive crossroads. The reported severe charges of data falsification leveled against Professor Gino from Harvard University and the resignation of Dr. Tessier-Lavigne as President of Stanford University due to reported flaws in his research highlight the imperative for rigorous ethical guidelines and exhaustive examination procedures in the research community.  


A New Chapter at Seton Hall: Dr. Katia Passerini Appointed as Interim President,  Blazing New Grounds in Education 🎓 Announcement and Congratulations to Seton Hall University! I am thrilled to share the Board of Regents’ unanimous decision to appoint Dr. Katia Passerini as Interim President of Seton Hall, effective immediately.   Dr. Katia Passerini is also the Managing Editor of ICSB’s Journal for Small Business Management (JSBM). She is credited with Dr. Eric Liguori for


Entrepreneurial Revolution to Prosperity: ICSB’s Vision 2024 In 2022, the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) held its World Congress in Washington, D.C., with a theme that resonated around the globe: the Entrepreneurial Revolution. This theme was both groundbreaking and shocking, as ICSB declared a revolution was indeed happening in the entrepreneurship domain.   Catalysts of ChangeThe Entrepreneurial Revolution, as defined by ICSB, has been fueled by a confluence of global challenges in recent years.


The Jinju Insight into Entrepreneurship The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Pre-Conference, held recently in Jinju City, South Korea, was a remarkable event that unfolded numerous insights and perspectives into the interconnections of history, nature, and culture. With the primary focus on exploring the beauty of South Korea and its unique entrepreneurial landscape, the pre-conference allowed participants to delve into unexplored facets of Korean entrepreneurship. This groundbreaking forum successfully highlighted how deeply intertwined the


The 6th Edition of the ICSB Global MSMEs Report We are delighted to announce the release of the 6th edition of our Global Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Report, a signature publication by the International Council for Small Business (ICSB). This year’s report highlights the transformative power of youth and women entrepreneurship and their pivotal role in bolstering supply chain enhancement.   Download Here:  (Click Here).     At the onset, we express our

MSME Day- Embracing the Journey Ahead

MSME Day- Embracing the Journey Ahead This year’s MSME Day unfolded as a truly spectacular event, captivating the attention of global audiences with its timely discussions. Convened at the United Nations, subject matter experts from around the world gathered both in person and virtually to address crucial topics ranging from global ecosystem development for MSMEs to the challenges faced by women and youth entrepreneurs, as well as the transformative power of innovation. Against a backdrop


Celebrating MSMEs Day: Re-Live the Day via Photos and Vidoes The United Nations MSMEs Day has concluded, leaving us inspired and invigorated by the collective commitment to support youth, women, and resilient supply chains. As we express our sincere appreciation to all who attended, it is essential to recognize the remarkable efforts of Argentina’s Mission, commend the invaluable contributions of our partners, and extend gratitude to Dr. Ayman ElTarabishy for his unwavering dedication to making


UN MSMEs Day – 27 June 2023 Galvanizing MSMEs: Empowering Women, Youth, and Resilient Supply Chains Marking June 27 as the United Nations’ Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day (UN MSMEs Day), we take the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the tremendous contributions of MSMEs to the global economy, particularly emphasizing on the roles of women and youth entrepreneurship and resilient supply chains. MSMEs, which make up over 90% of global businesses, serve as

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