9th Georges Doriot Days – Entrepreneurship and Society

July 5-7, 2023 at UQAM’s School of Management campus in downtown Montreal


The Georges Doriot Days : Why?
Every two years, the Georges Doriot Days are an opportunity to put three strong principles into practice:
– Practical intelligence: entrepreneurship is a field where interweaving academic thinking and practices is necessary and fruitful.
– A transdisciplinary vocation: the Doriot days make it possible to approach entrepreneurial phenomena from various lenses: managerial, legal, psychological, historical, etc. In addition to management sciences, the Doriot Days are open to experts in economics, legal sciences, cognitive sciences and more broadly, in humanities and social sciences.
– The relationship between entrepreneurship and society: the Doriot days wish to put emphasis on entrepreneurship as an agent of social transformation, not reducing it to the mere creation of wealth.


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