Strategic Execution: An Integrated Strategic Planning and Execution Workbook to Maximize Results.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 by Eduardo M. Arroyo

Introduction to this initial release:

I wrote this workbook on the nights following hurricane María, September 21,2017.A real “Midnight Engineered Design” (honoring the name I gave to my sons’ first entrepreneurship venture). This process is an almost exact copy of what I do as a BASE STRUCTURE for a Strategic Planning Process that has evolved during over 200 applications in 28 years of practice(mentioning but not expanding on Blue OceanShift specifics that I have used in special opportunities for the last 12 years).

I had planned in my head to release it as a hard copy workbook late in 2020, but having “smelled”for several days the lockdown that we are now just starting, I decided to let it out to a limited number of friends that would value, read it during this “down time”and use it(it is a WORKBOOK!), and at the same time provide feedback on ways to improve it… and on ERRORS that are likely present at this very early DRAFT! Please do so and send your comments to Now register free at, to receive updates and follow us on facebook to share with other users.

If you have any positive reactions, please also send them to me with permission to use it in the back-cover or anywhere else on the next release.

Remember, reading a workbook does NOT make much sense UNLESS you do the work. Some friends have requested it for doing their personal (or family) strategic plan. Great idea. Have fun. STRATEGIZE –DIFFERENTIATE –EXECUTE and SUCCEED!

Some organizational situations can be VERY COMPLEX. If you need ANY support, I can provide help through a phone consultation for a minimal fee, or better yet a face to face session.Email eduardo@e-arroyo.comor call me at (787)529-0454 for information or direct access.This action pays for itself many times so do not hesitate to ask for help.

Pleased to share with you my love of STRATEGY! My love to all!

May you live long and prosper and make all your dreams a reality!


March 24, 2020

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