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How has the pandemic affected you? Your work or school life? How are you helping MSMEs?

Christina Theodoraki, France

“Providing online courses and following students-entrepreneurs to build their startups. I also by online card tickets to use services after the crisis.”

Benia Omar, Algérie

“Confiné à la maison. J’ai pris soin de distribuer mes cours aux étudiants dès les premières alertes (délit d’initié ?). Aujourd’hui je me contente de communiquer avec ceux que j’encadre via les courriels. Je suis aussi consultant auprès d’une PME avec laquelle je correspond de la même façon.”

Antonio Botti, Italy

“All new activities are freezed. I continue my activities through smart working (e.g. on line lessons and telephone (or other social network) support to MSMEs.”

Nabil Shalaby, Egypt

“I’ve designed and launched a special training course for Saudi manufacturing SMEs.
It was planned to travel there to execute the second round. I canceled travel due to the pandemic.
Fortunately I managed to implement it online from ARENHO premises in Mansoura city, Egypt.”

Hartmut-Heinrich Meyer, Germany

“Germany closes down. To assist SME I produced Video for the hotel and catering branch.”

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