Restructuring for Resilience: Europe Post COVID-19

Monday, June 15, 2020

How can Europe Restructure to overcome COVID-19?

As the peak day approaches on April 19th, Europe begins to look past the immediate health demands to find that the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that compose their societies are struggling. The continental balance now interacts between the safeguard of the healthcare system and that of the rest of society. Therefore, despite Europe’s push for globalization, the menace of COVID-19 returns each nation to reflect on what is best for their country critically. This has become a moment to rethink our embedded ideals of globalization and sustainability, as well as the values of society and the role of the state within the economy and social life. Europe, being a system of social economy, the group of nation-states, finds itself as the embodiment of responsibility. As a result, personal freedom and human rights, which are typically both guaranteed, suddenly feel at odds. As many changes were demanded in such a short period, we see and feel the support of a stable government that has acted with resilience. However, since the focus of the state is on the immediate physical needs of their nation, there remains an opportunity for change for entrepreneurship and innovation. Therefore, in this time of grief and confusion, we can find excitement and purpose.

Europe, as much of the global community, saw COVID-19 as a Chinese problem. With only the example of the Spanish Flu as a guide for expectations, the continent was shaken when within a couple of weeks, everything changed. Looking at current rates of the coronavirus per national habitats, we notice that China is no longer the hotspot of COVID-19, but rather, Europe is. The exponential development across the continent leads to only one solution: breaking this steep and continuously growing curve. As Europe prepares for its peak dates by creating and distributing more intensive care beds, employing more staff, and reorganizing resources, it seems the race remains against time (Read more…).

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