Arts & Entrepreneurship: A Marriage made on Earth?

Monday, August 3, 2020

It wasn’t that long ago on Monday, 29 June that an ICSB workshop on the Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Education with Todd Stuart and Josef Hanson was held. That workshop prompted by membership of this dynamic body. Indeed, the workshop resonates with my
newfound love in exploring the intersection of business (including marketing & entrepreneurship) with the Arts.

Just to provide a brief context, in my recently published book chapter on Arts Marketing, I explored the longstanding debate between the notions of ‘arts marketing’ vis-à-vis ‘marketing of the arts’. That study delved into various art forms – visual, poetry, literature, music and the performing arts (theatre, dance, film and music), and the intersections of these forms, and provides insights on how to mitigate any identified challenges confronting the arts marketing discipline – arguably the ‘new normal’ of cultural products and/or production, embellished with heritage cues – and sometimes discussed under the label of the ‘creative industries’ (Read more…).

Download the Full ICSB Gazette.

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