The Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) World Forum is a global, annual gathering of entrepreneurs, small business owners, policy makers, researchers, educators, and others to bring creativity and innovative ideas from around the world. 

In collaboration with the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), the inaugural SME World Forum was December 11th to 14th, 2019 in Macao. It’s theme was SMEs and Entrepreneurship – Leading the Way Forward. The forum assembled some of the most creative and empathetic world leaders hosted by the Delta Asia Financial Group, led by Mr. Stanley Au, and the Small and Medium Enterprises of Macao.



Mr. Stanley Au Chung-kit

Honorary Chairman

Being a financial veteran for over half a century, Mr. Stanley Au is the Chairman of Delta Asia Financial Group, and the Founder and Chairman of The Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Macao and Delta Asia SME Training Institute. In 1982, Mr. Au established Delta Asia Financial Group by merging the family-owned business, Banco Delta Asia in Macao with his own Group, Delta Asia Securities Limited in Hong Kong. Such move lays a solid foundation of the Group in the two cities. Mr. Au is passionate in cultivating a caring society and eager to contribute to social and economic development. He has held various public positions, including Chairman of the International Small Business Congress (“ISBC”), Member of The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of the Chinese Central Government and Director of Hospital Kiang Wu Charity Association in Macao. Mr. Au has been recognized by “Financial Times” in London and “Das Kapita” in Germany as one of Hong Kong’s most successful financiers.

Analia Pastran

Vice President of the SME World Forum

Executive Director of Smartly, Social Entrepreneurship on the SDGs (New York & Buenos Aires)

Mentor in Women in Public Policy Program, Cornell University, New York



  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Salerno, Italy: International Council for Small Business (ICSB).
  • Road Safety Communication. Buenos Aires: Association of Journalists of Transit and Transport of Argentina (APTTA) and the National Directorate of Roads (DNV).


Professional Career


  • Director of Communication of the International Council of SMEs (ICSB).
  • Consultant at CIFAL Global Network, the Network of Training Centers affiliated to UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research).
  • Director of Institutional Relations of the Association of Journalists of Traffic and Transport of Argentina (APTTA).
  • Head of Press of the National Road Safety Agency of the Ministry of the Interior and Transport of the Argentine Republic.
  • Director of Political Communication and International Relations of the Institute of Strategic Studies of Buenos Aires (IEEBA).
  • Adviser at the National Congress of the Republic of Argentina.

Dr. Ki-Chan Kim

Vice President of Humane Entrepreneurship

Professor Ki-Chan Kim is currently a Professor of Management at the Catholic University’s School of Business. He teaches various courses including Humane Entrepreneurship in Capitalism, Platform and Business Eco-system and Korea Management. He served as vice-president for Catholic University of Korea and Dean of Business School.

Professor Kim has advised many companies, such as Hyundai Motors, Samsung Electronics, and POSCO.
He has supported these companies as a board member/advisory professor to design sustainable eco-system that will improve the health of the business. Healthy business brings happy workers which is a crucial part of sustainability. This philosophy and management style is taught in his class called Humane Entrepreneurship in Capitalism.

During his presidency at the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), he empathized happiness of employees in the small and medium enterprise through Humane Entrepreneurship. He strongly believes commitment from employees is the ultimate asset of a company. Dr. Kim declared the importance of Humane Entrepreneurship at the United Nation headquarter in June 2016.

Professor Kim was appointed as a member of National Economic Advisory Council for the South Korea President. More recently, he became a member of Review Committee for New Growth Engine in Prime Minister’s Office. He continues to advise both Minister of Industry and Minister of Small and Medium Business Administration.

Professor Kim dreams of a world where small companies and big companies are in harmony.

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